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Joystick Steering For Single-Engines
Joystick Steering For Single-Engines
Mercury Marine’s new Joystick Steering for Single-Engine Vessels is compatible for use with the Verado family of V8, V10 and V12 outboard engines from 250 to 600hp. Enhanced by electric steering, the latest offering rounds out Mercury’s suite of joystick systems, delivering effortless command and control to owners of vessels powered by sterndrives, inboards, Zeus pod drives, multi-outboard installations, multi-outboards with an integrated bow thruster, single-engine pontoons with deployable thrusters, and now, boats with only a single outboard engine for propulsion.

Joystick Steering for Single-Engine Vessels eliminates the need for boaters to use both hands to throttle, shift and steer during low-speed maneuvers such as docking. Not only is one-handed operation more convenient, but the precision control that the steering system provides will give users greater confidence in situations where maneuvering a single outboard can be more challenging than a multi-engine configuration. (www.mercurymarine.com)

Dometic NRX S
Bring The Fridge
Why worry about coolers with melting ice when you can always have a sleek, compact fridge on board? The new compact refrigerator from Dometic is the perfect solution, and offers efficient cooling in all climate conditions. Using less power than a GPS chart plotter, this next generation refrigerator also provides three selectable cooling modes and gives boaters the flexibility to change cooling parameters based on the situation and environment. Available in six capacities, the Dometic NRX S is easily installed in new boats or retrofitted to your current pontoon. Designed for maximum energy efficiency, it uses up to 25 percent less electricity than comparable models currently in the market due to a new compact compressor design. (www.dometic.com)
Basking Bag from SeaSucker
Just Bag It

Trash blowing into the water is unacceptable, but is often the unintentional result of using a makeshift garbage bag. The new Basking Bag from SeaSucker is ideal for securing everything from trash to dirty laundry. It can be mounted in seconds wherever it’s needed — above or below deck or even outside on the hull because the innovative vacuum mount technology means it can hold up to 120 pounds indefinitely. That’s more than enough for a load of bottles or wet beach towels. The Basking Bag’s unique closure mechanism secures its contents no matter how choppy the water, but still opens easily with a convenient pull ring. Made from marine-grade UV-stabilized polymer with stainless steel hardware, the device is built for year-round outdoor exposure. (www.seasucker.com)

Costa sunglasses
A Golden View

For a crisp viewing experience whether you’re out on the water in the bright sun or on an overcast day, Costa offers a beautiful rose gold lens with a multi-layer mirror finish. Polarized and color-enhanced, the 580 Gold lens sunglasses are inspired by the golden hour, playing on the softer and redder light from the sun.

Designed with a lighter Visible Light Transmission, these all-polarized glass sunglass lenses effectively reduce haze and blur, while boosting essential colors for superior definition. The multi-layered gold mirror finish amplifies its performance features while reflecting the adventurous spirit of its wearer. (www.costadelmar.com/en-us)

rocker switches by ECOXGEAR
Control At Your Fingertips
Simplify your audio and LED device controls with three new rocker switches by ECOXGEAR. All three devices feature snap installation into standard Carling rocker switch cutouts with water and dirt protection, ensuring durability in the most challenging environments. An audio, an LED, and a Bluetooth receiver rocker switch allow you full control right on your dash. The audio switch has an embedded wireless remote control inside to provide full control right on your dash, and works seamlessly with SoundExtreme Marine Radios, Elite Soundbars, and Tower Speakers. The LED switch gives users ultimate command over their SoundExtreme four-Zone LED Controllers and allows adjustment of brightness and LED lighting scene selection. The Bluetooth receiver switch has a 100-foot range, dual smartphone connections, and seamlessly connects to SoundExtreme amplifiers, as well as to other brand amplifiers. (www.soundextreme.com)
Where’s The Paddle?
A paddle is hiding inside each issue of PDB and the names of the first readers to find it are printed in an upcoming magazine! In our February issue the paddle is on page 45 on a bait pack (shown in the photo below) in our Tackle Box column. Here are the readers who spotted it first:
close up of hidden paddle

Danny Criner, North Chesterfield, Va.
Ken Braun, Hartford, Wis.
Marcus Rosehill, Kaneohe, Hawaii
David Groner, Vacaville, Calif.
Hannah Bemiller, Syracuse Ind.

As soon as you find the paddle, email its location, your name, and hometown to paddle@pdbmagazine.com. Paddle on!
Oversea GPS
Leave Worry In Your Wake
Monitor your boat from anywhere with the new Oversea wireless monitoring system from Skyhawk. This practical, affordable way to keep your vessel safe year round, regardless of where it is stored, is possible with the fully battery-powered system that delivers five to 10 years of operation using standard replaceable batteries. The waterproof hub can be installed anywhere on your boat, and the easy-to-use app can help you pinpoint the boat’s location even if GPS is unavailable. As it monitors compass orientation, the Oversea hub can also instantly alert boaters if the vessel is moved. (www.oversea.boats)
Suzuki engines
Suzuki engine
Suzuki’s Stealth Line Outboards
Designed to provide boaters with a bold yet “stealthy” look that sets any boat apart from the crowd, Suzuki’s new Stealth Line of outboard motors has a new all matte-black finish and matching chrome black graphics for a look that gives any boat an extra dose of attitude—whether sitting at the dock or racing across the water.

Underneath each of these motor’s bold exteriors lurks all the performance, advanced technology, fuel efficiency and rock-solid reliability boaters have come to expect from Suzuki. Delivering serious power and fuel efficiency in a motor that is compact, lightweight, and of course, eye-catching, the Stealth Line has strong acceleration and blistering top-end performance. (www.suzukimarine.com)

Simrad’s NSX ULTRAWIDE marine display
Ultrawide Perspective
Bringing all the benefits of dual displays to a single unit, Simrad’s NSX ULTRAWIDE marine display is 63 percent wider than the NSX, has a show-stopping aesthetic, and provides an easy and efficient installation. Enjoy the streamlined and immersive experience of the ULTRAWIDE at the helm with immersive graphics and flexible viewing splits. Available in 12-inch and 15-inch screen sizes, it can upgrade your helm to a simpler and more premium display. Its revolutionary aspect ratio provides better functionality with perfectly optimized full-page applications and application splits, as well as uninterrupted data flows that are easy to digest. (www.simrad-yachting.com)
Cleat/Rod Holder Combo offered by Accon Marine
Space-Saving Hardware
When it comes to adding hardware, gunwales can fill up fast. The Cleat/Rod Holder Combo offered by Accon Marine combines the practicality of a pull-up cleat with a dedicated fishing rod holder in a small footprint. Plus, the almost-flush mounting won’t detract from the boat’s clean lines.

Using the innovative Cleat/Rod Holder Combo is easy. When the cleat is needed, it’s simply pulled up from the base where it can secure up to a 9,700-pound load. Afterwards, it’s retracted back into the base, ready to hold a rod. Using common household tools, the hardware can be mounted with just four bolts, and the included stainless steel backing plate doubles as an installation template. (www.acconmarine.com)

On board Comfort Reimagined
On board Comfort Reimagined
Don’t spend another minute in an uncomfortable helm seat when you can upgrade to the new luxury line of USA-made bucket seats from TACO Marine: the Anclote and Caladesi. These premium marine bucket seats are the ideal combination of comfort, durability, and functionality. Each seat features an advanced seat suspension system that is integrated into the injection-molded seat bottom. Both seats feature plush cushioning and a wrap-around body style; the Anclote seat is accented with premium diamond quilting, and the Caladesi seat has a smooth fabric finish and a sporty back cutout that allows for breathability and flair. (tacomarine.com)
ACEL boat engine
An Electric Beast
Experience the tranquility of an electric outboard with ACEL’s silent Intelligent Electric Series and their full spectrum of electric outboard propulsion systems, ranging from 50hp to 450hp, with the 50hp and 75hp already on the market. The customizable electric propulsion system is ideal for pontoons, and models are built for higher torque, instant acceleration, and efficiency. Comprised of the motor, battery pack, intelligent power supply, digital throttle, smart charger, smart key, and on board computer with an intuitive touch screen. The efficient system has sleek and simple lines, a wireless cowl to power electronics, and can be seamlessly integrated with the most commonly used hydraulic or wired steering systems. (www.acelpower.com)
free-floating boat lift
free-floating boat lift
bottom of a boat
Designed to accommodate both fresh and saltwater environments, the HarborHoist H2 is a free-floating boat lift that offers unparalleled flexibility and ease of use for boat owners. With the versatility to function seamlessly in all kinds of water, the HarborHoist H2 is engineered to protect your investment whether you dock in a calm lake or a salty sea. The free-floating design means no more wrestling with fixed lifts. It adjusts to changing water levels automatically, ensuring your boat is always safe and accessible, regardless of the tide or swell. Built with robust materials resistant to corrosion, the HarborHoist H2 is designed to last. (www.boatlift.com)