Torque Heated Vest
By Brady L. Kay
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There are times when our product testing doesn’t quite line up with the seasons. For example, last year on a 90-degree day in Arizona I tested a boating jacket. We took photos quickly while trying not to look sweaty. However, that was not the case with the Torque Heated Vest from Whitewater.

On the day I went out to take my photos it was actually 50 degrees with overcast skies. I slipped the heated vest on, started pushing buttons and the next thing I knew I was pleasantly warm. There is a lighted push button to indicate the settings, but otherwise it just looks like a comfortable vest. It really is the perfect layering tool for spring and late fall boating.

The stylish vest ($219.99) is powered by a USB battery pack (sold separately) that stores conveniently in a hidden side pocket, and it offers three different heat settings. The lowest setting will warm the jacket to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit while the highest will set it to an impressive 130 degrees. The polyester lining makes the vest surprisingly comfortable to wear.

It feels lightweight and when you aren’t using the heating coils it’s actually quite breathable. While it isn’t completely waterproof, the nylon outside of the vest has been DWR-treated to repel moisture. It’s easy to store, well insulated and the ideal layer to help extend your boating season.