Holiday Gift Guide - 10 Ideas for the Boater in Your Life
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Boat Show Preview: A Look at What's New For 2024
Recapping IBEX: Innovation Takes Center Stage
Lock It Up: Don't Make It Easy for Boat Thieves
Recapping IBEX: Innovation Takes Center Stage
Lock It Up: Don't Make It Easy for Boat Thieves
Fall 2023
Like No Other
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Fall 2023 | Volume 28, Number 10
A Look At What’s New For 2024
Innovation Takes Center Stage
Holiday Gift Guide
Flagpole / Grill Post
SUP16DB Electric Air Pump
JC TRITOON Sportangler on the water
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By Brady L. Kay

Captain’s Chair
“The riskier the bet, the greater the humiliation.”
Brady Kay sitting in the drivers seat of a boat in a blue Pontoon and Deck Boat t-shirt
You Can Bet On It
As I made my way toward the crowded restaurant from the parking lot, I couldn’t help but feel all eyes were on me. Yes, I received a few stares and I noticed a couple of kids pointing in my general direction, but mostly people just had puzzled looks on their faces as I tried to quickly make my way to the table to meet up with my friends for dinner.

As I took my seat, laughter immediately broke out at our table. I was being greeted with some very big grins and it was clearly obvious. It was no longer just a feeling I was having; all eyes in this Mexican restaurant were on me and that was painfully obvious for anyone to see. Oh, did I forget to mention I was wearing an orange life jacket snugly around my neck? And not a comfortable, proper fitting life jacket either. Clearly “one size fits all” is just a marketing myth.

Better Boater title
While on board our pontoon boat I keep hearing a voice asking me, “Where are we going to put all this stuff?” Despite rumors to the contrary, I do listen to that voice and those subtle comments. To start with, even I admit that a cup holder isn’t the best place to put a cell phone when under way. Besides, it’s needed as, well, a cup holder.

I installed a charger with twin USB connectors on the face of the instrument panel a couple years ago so my wife and I can both charge our phones. That’s handy because we use Bluetooth for SXM tunes for the sound system (Yacht Rock Radio channel, of course).

NWZ typography
Bart's Watersports store front
Doors Close At Bart’s Watersports
After 51 years, Bart’s Watersports has changed ownership. The retail store in North Webster, Ind., closed in September, but the online shop continues under new ownership.

“It’s been our privilege to help you get your kids (and grandkids!) up on trainers, find the best-fitting life jackets and wetsuits, and hang ten on your new surfers,” stated the previous owners, representing its 51 years of loyal employees. “We’re proud to have helped folks around the world discover the joy of lake life.” (

can of LIQUI MOLY Marine Gasoline Stabilizer
Have You Stabilized Your Fuel Yet?
One of the most important items to take care of when winterizing a vessel is its fuel system. With Marine Gasoline Stabilizer from LIQUI MOLY, it’s simple to provide long-term protection to two- and four-stroke engines and ensure an easy start next spring.

Marine Gasoline Stabilizer safeguards against gasoline aging and oxidation, stabilizing and preserving the fuel for months. The unique formula protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and when the cover comes off in the spring, it improves starting performance.

One 33.8 fluid ounce can ($35.99) treats 52.8 gallons of gasoline. After adding the correct amount to the fuel, the engine should idle for approximately 10 minutes. (

What's New for 2024
A boat show preview for the upcoming season
PDB Staff Report
view of water from TriToon steering wheel
JC TriToon’s SportAngler
Geared toward off-shore fishing, the all-new center console SportAngler 26TT HTH for JC TriToon Marine is ideal for a state such as Florida, but impressive enough you’ll be seeing them on the Great Lakes as well. The Indiana-based manufacturer has created the ultimate fishing pontoon for the 2024 model year that is sure to attract serious anglers with its over-the-top layout that is truly feature-rich.

Teak Isle Manufacturing ( played a huge role in the overall design and worked closely with JC engineers to integrate its storage systems and other key features into the layout. The SportAngler’s prominent feature is the custom, raised, center console base with drawers, surrounded with a powder-coated fishing tower with upper cabinet and Bimini. The Dual 9-inch Garmin touchscreen displays control the Fusion Apollo MS-RA770 stereo system that includes six 8.8 RGB speakers, amplifier and auxiliary USB. The captain commands from the double wide flip-back leaning post that has a 54-quart slide-out cooler below.

Recapping The
Fall IBEX Show
By Roy Sparks
Manufacturers gather together at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) each fall (or at least when there’s not a threat of a major hurricane such as in 2022) to see first-hand the new products, materials and methods to make their own boats better. Since it’s geared toward manufacturers you won’t see a lot of boats on the showroom floor like you would at a typical consumer-driven boat show, yet this Tampa, Fla., show has become a must-attend event for a lot of people. As a staff we spent a couple of days walking the show floor and left wishing we had more time to see it all. Here are some of the key highlights – from a pontoon and deck boat perspective – from the three-day show.
By Roy Sparks
By Roy Sparks
Though many boaters spend the winter months with their boats stowed securely on the hard, the holidays are still a great time to spark enthusiasm and anticipation for the coming year with its fresh, new boating season. There’s no better way to do this than with a thoughtful gift carefully chosen for your favorite boater.

We’ve selected some of our favorite gift ideas for boat lovers, guaranteed to put some pep in their step and warmth in their cheeks as they dream of clear, sunny skies and fun times on the water.

Tackle box typography
Fishing For Insurance
By Dan Armitage
Fishing For Insurance
By Dan Armitage
Autumn marks the end of the boating season for many pontoon and deck boat owners and is a popular time to take stock of your boat, motor, batteries, fishing gear and your insurance covering the same. Concerning the latter, have you ever taken a tally of the value of all those fishing rods, reels, electronics, lures and associated fishing gear that allow you to hook-up while enjoying your boat? You might be surprised.

I had not, and it was an epiphany for me when I discussed policies while shopping for new insurance for my boat(s) to learn that I should have my fishing tackle covered as well. That’s not the only thing I learned while on the receiving end of an insurance ‘clinic’ I received from an agent who is a hard-core boater and angler like me. Some of the scenarios he recited could have come right out of my own insurance filings over the years, and I realized I was woefully under-covered while pursuing my favorite sport.

LilliPad Marine
Flagpole/Grill Post
By Brady L. Kay
PDB 368 Tested Badge
Landscape close-up photograph perspective of a man in a blue t-shirt and sunglasses driving a blue/black Barletta pontoon boat motor vehicle on the water with another passenger inside the boat plus a small American flagpole mounted stand (Lillipad Marine Flagpole/Grill Post) showing the United States of America flag waving in the air attached to the rear stern surface area of the boat
PDB 368 Tested Badge
LilliPad Marine
Flagpole/Grill Post
By Brady L. Kay
Close-up landscape photograph perspective of a man in a blue graphic t-shirt and sunglasses holding a stainless steel silver cooking tong plus a plastic plate in his hands while he is standing on the rear stern surface area of the pontoon boat motor vehicle glancing downward at the open small metal chrome colored mounted barbecue grill stand (Lillipad Marine Flagpole/Grill Post)
Thanks to its easy-to-install Ghost Mount, LilliPad marine makes it possible to add a flagpole to practically any pontoon boat. At the 2021 IBEX Show, the Ghost Mount was awarded an Innovation Award for the nearly invisible yet unbelievably strong, versatile floor-mounting system that has become a true game-changer for both builders and consumers.

Many of the top pontoon manufacturers offer Ghost Mounts as standard features or as a factory-installed option on its 2024 models including Barletta, Bentley, Coach Pontoons, Montara Boats, Vanderbilt, Viaggio, and others. If your current pontoon doesn’t have a Ghost Mount already, installation is easy and can be accomplished with basic tools.

PDB 369 Tested Badge
Seamax Marine
SUP16DB Electric Air Pump
By Nicole Richens
Close-up photograph perspective of the blue colored Seamax Marine SUP16DB Electric Air Pump and other assorted black and red colored cable accessories
PDB 369 Tested Badge
Seamax Marine
SUP16DB Electric Air Pump
By Nicole Richens
Close-up photograph perspective of the closed grey colored carrying case travel bag for the Seamax Marine SUP16DB Electric Air Pump with the Seamax Marine blue colored typographic logo proudly on display cemented onto the bag
What’s the quickest way to disappoint a boat-load of children? Try relying on a “vintage” air pump that is held together with electric tape to inflate your water toys. Lesson learned. We knew we were pressing our luck each time we used our old pump to air up the tubes, but when we’re in prime boating season we sometimes find ourselves just getting by with what we have. When our pump gave up the ghost at the worst possible time, we decided to invest in a permanent solution and find an electric pump we could keep on board our pontoon and not have to worry about a failure again.

Positive feedback and reviews while searching online led us to the Seamax Marine website and we were immediately drawn to its SUP16DB Electric Air Pump. The double stage 16 psi portable pump is ideal for inflating towables, SUPs, small boats and anything else you might have when out on the water.

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By Sky Smith
Boating Tips and Observations with Sky Smith
Don’t Make It Easy For Boat Thieves
Sky Smith Headshot
By the time you read this, most boaters in the northern states will probably have their boat out of the water or getting ready to be out of the water. In our area, even though we have had a few rain storms move through, we are still in a drought. The local marina sent out a reminder that if you have a “deep” keel boat or any sort of deep draft, you will need to get out early. That means a bunch of the sailboats will not be able to sail until the end of their slip “contract” time, which is October 31.

I don’t think this is a problem just for my marina, it is happening around the country. Low water levels are making owners pull their boats early or not put them in at all. Which means there are many boats being stored around the country. That’s not really anything new.

Pontoon and Deck Boat
Thanks for reading our Fall 2023 issue!